When we started working on a Continuous Integration solution back in 2011, it was hard to imagine what Travis CI would become. Years later, we’re still continuously working to make our community and the tech industry better and stronger. Today we are excited to announce that Travis CI has been acquired by Idera, Inc. Idera is the parent company of many software productivity tools and will support us in delivering quality software to all of you, our users.

当我们在2011年开始研究持续集成解决方案时,很难想象 Travis CI 会变成什么样子。 几年过去了,我们仍在继续努力,让我们的社区和科技产业变得更好、更强。 今天,我们很兴奋地宣布,特拉维斯 CI 已被伊德拉公司收购。 伊德拉是许多软件生产力工具的母公司,并将支持我们提供高质量的软件给你们所有人,我们的用户。

Grown out of the open source community, Travis CI became the leading CI solution and we now provide enhanced features, performance, and support to projects and teams of all sizes. We are proud to serve more than 700,000 people worldwide to build and test software applications. Our customers include IBM, Schibsted, and Zendesk, amongst many others. Together with Idera, we want to expand on this success and help many more people build better software faster.

在开源社区中成长起来的 Travis CI 成为了领先的 CI 解决方案,我们现在为各种规模的项目和团队提供增强的特性、性能和支持。 我们很自豪地为全世界70多万人提供构建和测试软件应用程序的服务。 我们的客户包括 IBM、 Schibsted 和 Zendesk 以及其他许多公司。 与 Idera 一起,我们希望扩大这一成功,帮助更多的人更快地构建更好的软件。

Will anything change for me?
At Travis CI, we are committed to remaining the solid stand-alone solution you have come to rely on. We will continue to offer the same services to our hosted and on-premises users. With the support from our new partners, we will be able to invest in expanding and improving our core product, to have Travis CI be the best Continuous Integration and Development solution for software projects out there. We will join Idera’s Testing Tools division, which also includes TestRail, Ranorex, and Kiuwan.

在特拉维斯 CI,我们致力于保持坚实的独立解决方案,你已经来依赖。 我们将继续为我们的托管和现场用户提供同样的服务。 在新合作伙伴的支持下,我们将能够投资于扩展和改进我们的核心产品,使 Travis CI 成为软件项目中最好的持续集成和开发解决方案。 我们将加入 Idera 的测试工具部门,该部门还包括 TestRail、 Ranorex 和 Kiuwan。

What impact will this have on open source?
Open source is at the heart of Travis CI. We will continue to maintain a free, hosted service for open source projects, and will keep building features for the open source community. Additionally, our code will stay open source and under an MIT license. This is who we are, this is what made us successful.

开源是特拉维斯 CI 的核心。 我们将继续为开源项目提供免费的托管服务,并将继续为开源社区构建特性。 此外,我们的代码将保持开放源代码和 MIT 许可证。 这就是我们,这就是我们成功的原因。

What about the Travis Foundation?
那 Travis 基金会呢?
The Travis Foundation has done phenomenal work running projects like Rails Girls Summer of Code, Diversity Tickets, Speakerinnen, and Prompt. While this is new territory for Idera, they are impressed with what we have built, and fully committed to not just to keep it running, but also see how we can increase our efforts in making the tech industry a better place for everyone.

特拉维斯基金会已经完成了一些非凡的项目,比如 Rails Girls Summer of Code,Diversity Tickets,Speakerinnen 和 Prompt。 虽然这对于伊德拉来说是一个新的领域,但是他们对我们所建立的产业印象深刻,并且完全致力于不仅要保持它的运行,而且还要看看我们如何加大努力,让科技产业成为每个人更好的地方。

We’re very excited to start off 2019 with the support of Idera and have a better platform to continue building and improving Travis CI for all of you. We’re happy to answer any questions on our Community Forum.

我们非常高兴能够在伊德拉的支持下开始2019年,并拥有一个更好的平台来继续为你们所有人构建和改进特拉维斯 CI。 我们很高兴在我们的社区论坛上回答任何问题。